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Who can stand in the way of change? No one! Change is like a strong flowing river. He takes whatever comes his way. Those who follow the flow of this mighty river can survive. With a history of 100 years, Tunalar Group of Companies is a Group that has lived and experienced changes in almost every dimension. It has a structure that knows very well that it will adapt to change by changing. This consciousness of change brought about a change again. Starting with the Tunalar logo, it changed its entire corporate image.

The renewed logo and corporate identity reflect the world of Tunalar Group of Companies, where innovation, trust, quality and customer satisfaction are at the forefront. The world shape with human and company elements in its emblem literally targets this message. The Group, which has started an important breakthrough in both the external and internal communication of the institution, adopts as a principle not to break away from its roots while looking to the future.

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