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To tell what is good, to show what is good and to be an example with what is good! These three short sentences summarized our thoughts on the launch phase of “Tunalar Magazine”. This magazine to be published started out as a communication tool that would spread not only the Community, but also everything that is beautiful and good. The project was considered for a very long time for this magazine. Evaluations and studies have been done. Finally, the magazine started its publication life with the first excitement 3 years ago. Even before the second issue, it was seen that the Tunalar now had a different responsibility towards the society. In each issue, this responsibility has increased by a factor of two. In this way, which was set out to share, tell and be together, we worked meticulously in order to bring each new issue to you and to move the line up every time. Time flies like water today. We have already come to our 3rd year and our ninth issue. We wish to be with you for many more years.

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