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The Tunalar family started their business life in 1918 by doing groceries and draperies. Tunalar Family, which has been in different activities in the retail sector for many years, continues to serve both with its own brands and in the automotive sector, which it started with determination in 1989.

It represents international and national brands such as Ford, Ford Trucks, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Volvo, Kia, Jaecoo, Polaris, Setur, Varta, Castrol, Double Tree by Hilton, Beko with its dealerships of the Tunalar Group. In addition to these brands, the group owns its brands which are known throughout Turkey, such as Rent Go, Otomobilen, opuqo, e-tunalar.com, Tunalar Sigorta, MNB Yapı and TZX Travel.

Currently, around 1000 employment is provided under the umbrella of the Group, which operates at more than 60 points in more than 20 cities, while indirect employment reaches 1500. It is a group of companies that play an important role in the development of our region and our country.


The Tunalar Family enters the commercial life with its groceries and drapery business.


Under the leadership of Mehmet Ali Tuna, the Tuna family moved its business life to the city center of Trabzon and opened a haberdashery and drapery store in Kemeraltı.


Mehmet Ali Tuna leaves his store on Kemeraltı Street to his partners and moves it to Kahramanmaraş Street. He continues to work in the haberdashery and drapery.


After Mehmet Ali Tuna's death, Erol Tuna establishes a collective company with his brothers.


The company established among the brothers is transformed into a capital company by establishing a limited company as the first step of institutionalization.


Beko dealership is taken and service begins.


Erol Tuna continues his business life alone by acquiring the company shares.


Tunalar Automotive Tourism Tic. Ltd. is established and Ford dealership is started.


The construction of the Yıldızlı Ford Plaza is completed. The first automobile plaza of the Black Sea region comes into service with the Ford brand. In addition to Ford's sales and spare parts dealership, Petrol Ofisi dealership is started.


Tunalar Insurance brand is established.


Tunalar Motor Vehicles Inc. Fiat dealership begins. Today, the company is still the dealer of Alfa Romeo and Jeep in addition to its dealership to Fiat.


Fiat authorized dealership starts in Ordu.


A second-hand car sales are started as a corporate. Budget license dealership is taken and car rental operations start in Trabzon. Budget dealership is not in service today.


Arçelik and Arstil dealership is opened in Pendik Istanbul as the biggest sales point of the period in Turkey. In addition to the dealership, it houses the plaza, electronic market and Libodom restaurant, which serves Black Sea regional cuisine. Commercial activities end in 2009. Today, the plaza houses the general directorates of Rent Go and Otomobilen brands.


Ordu Fiat Plaza is put into service.


Opet dealership is acquired and becomes operational. Opet operations do not continue today.


Car rental brand RentGo is established.


The Hilton Garden Inn brand joins the Group.


Ford Trucks Samsun opens and goes into operation.


Otomobilen, which is a second-hand car brand representing our experience in the automotive industry, was founded.


Ford Trucks Trabzon opens and goes into operation.


Volvo authorized dealer is purchased, sales and service begins.


opuqo company, which operates in the field of software and informatics, is established.


Varta Battery dealership joined the Group.


Castrol dealership begins in Samsun.


Trabzon Setur dealership was acquired.


Turkey's first 100% electric vehicle rental brand, Biwatt, is established.


Electric vehicle charging station brand Wattarya is established.


Kia dealership starts serving in Samsun.


Jaecoo dealership joins the Tunalar Group.


Polaris dealership joins the Tunalar Group.

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