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Tunalar Group Social Media Manifesto 2022

  • Our Group always supports technology and the communication tools that technology brings to our lives.

  • We use social media to access, learn and disseminate information. We are trying to convey instant and accurate information flow to people with the platforms we use in real time.

  • We share by confirming the source and accuracy of the information we share. Even if social media contains information density, we are against information pollution.

  • We share on social media only as often as necessary and not disturbing.

  • We obtain approval from the institutions and individuals mentioned in our articles before publishing the articles. We respect personal ideas and values ​​created by institutions.

  • We do not include political or divisive elements in our social media accounts. We have a mission and roadmap that we have set for ourselves. We do our sharing in accordance with our roadmap.

  • Not sharing about gender, language, religion, race, nationality discrimination, sexuality, child abuse and polarization is one of the most sensitive issues that our Group pays attention to.

  • We want more content to be produced and we want to support individuals' content production if necessary. We share content through Tunalar Group social media accounts and Tunalar Group website.

  • Our goal is not just to increase the number of likes. That's why we avoid sharing about the popular agenda magazine. Being a reliable content sharing center is much more important to us.

  • We want individuals to be on social media. People's participation in the flow of information, their sharing and blog posts will enrich the ecosystem and provide equality of speech and expression.

  • We support the use of social media by everyone, regardless of age, within certain rules. Everyone, young or old, needs their knowledge, skills and experience. We see it as our mission to help people produce content.

  • Human relationships are more precious than ever. For this reason, we consider the social media side from multiple perspectives. Social media is part of our communication, but we think face-to-face communication is still one of the most effective communication methods. Social media should reveal sociality in our opinion.

  • We construct communication with our families and social environment as person-to-person rather than multi-screen communication. We believe that the use of social media should be limited, as we think that social media and multi-screen life can harm human relations.

  • As the internet and the digital world change, as we change, as times change, our manifesto will be shaped over and over again. There will be shortages and surpluses. Our job is to keep it up to date.

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