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Tunalar set out saying that it is our responsibility to develop our country and grow this beautiful country economically. When we started our commercial activities 60 years ago, we did not imagine that the Tunalar Group would go this far. It was our only desire to focus on our work rather than dream, to do our work in the best way and right. It still is. The most important detail we have seen over the years was the existence of the elements that actually carried us to these days, the principles that we determined and protected from the very first day. Trust, customer service, quality and innovation.

These four unchanging principles have taken us one step higher each time. Are these principles alone enough? Of course not! It's the people who make companies a valuable asset. Even people who believe in these principles and goals. Therefore, we look at all our colleagues in our Group as our talented, experienced and innovative human resources and our most important treasure. We see it as our energy that will take us to the future without breaking away from the past.

We always underline that our indispensable goal is quality, service at the best level, innovation and most importantly, being reliable. From this point of view, we know the value and necessity of working in an ethical, moral, principled and honest manner. With the awareness that business life is a relay race, we attach importance to raising generations and teams that will carry the flag after us. Our corporate group will further increase its dynamism and progress with its visionary and entrepreneurial spirit. To add value to our employees, customers and business partners, especially to our country; It is our most basic goal to create a common mind and interest union together.

We love what we do. This passion does not make us look anywhere but in the areas we choose to advance. Automotive, tourism, construction and informatics fields are our specialties that we give our heart to and that we will spread all over Turkey. While strategically representing the best brands of Turkey and the world, we also aim to grow on an international scale with our own brands. We have a lot of work to do, a lot of goals to achieve.


With best wishes and best regards

Erol Tuna


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